• Individual project/ 14 weeks
    • Concept development
    • Visualization
    • 3D model

/Weaponry Architecture

Brief: Design a video game asset

Reframe: How can I create an environment that would convey the feeling of tension and danger?

1 min: Weaponry building are the last beacons of civilization in the decaying, plague infested city.
The scene is set in the fictional industrial city where technology and otherworldly forces coexist. It was modeled after London in 1666. This was the last year of the plague, and the year of the great fire of London, which ended the plague by burning down the infested slums. Recreating this atmosphere was a way for me to up the tension and make the world a little more perilous.

The city is stricken with a plague spread by rats, which is killing the poor and isolating the rich. The infected riot and vandalize the city to get support from the rich.I drew stylistic inspiration from the artwork of JohnAtkinsonGrimshaw, Canaletto, and GustaveDoré.