• Individual project/ 14 weeks
    • Concept development
    • Visualization
    • 3D model

/High Waters

Brief: Design a hybrid dining space for a hypothetical location in Los Angeles’ ArtsDistrict.

Reframe: How can I design a safe environment for a wide audience to experience and explore the reinvented cannabis culture?

1 min:

High Waters is the first hospitality space that is conceived and designed around the rituals of cannabis consumption as a way to boost productivity while at work and promote a seamless transition to leisure. It puts the reinvented cannabis culture at the core of its programming and creates a safe environment for a wide audience to experience and explore.

The programming of the space is inspired by the chef’s approach to food and cooking. Just as he forages his ingredients in the wilderness to turn them into sophisticated dishes in the quietness of his test kitchen, guests of the space that search for inspiration in the hustle and bustle of the outside world could find sanctuary to tend their ideas into big projects at High Waters.

The key areas of the spaces are intertwined with cannabis smoking lounges that compliment the activities in the key areas. Indica lounge that brings a sense of deep relaxation is located by the entertainment areas – patio, bar, and event space. Sativa lounge that is intended to provide a more energizing experience is located by the work stations.