• Individual project/ 14 weeks
    • Concept development
    • Visualization
    • 3D model
    • Clay model

/Helmet redesign

Brief: Redesign and make a full size prototype of an iconic movie prop.

Reframe: What if the advanced design of helmet could save the protagonist from death in the outer space?

1 min: In the movie, a sentient computer HAL9000 used an EVA pod to kill Dr. Frank Pool when he was repairing the spacecraft from the outside. HAL9000 took control of the pod and rammed it into the astronaut, disconnecting the oxygen hose and venting air from his suit.

My redesign speculates around an alternative scenario where Dr. Frank Pool concerned with HAL’s suspicious behavior, made unauthorized redesigns to his helmet so it could work autonomously, out of HAL’s control.

Dr. Pool’s new helmet featured emergency air containers and lights as well as solid Oxygen tablets that could sustain his breathing for 12 min.